Discussion — The Second Constitution of the United States

Reasons, arguments, questions, and criticism for particular choices for the proposed constitution

This is discussion about the proposed replacement to the Constitution. The purpose is to provide reasons for choices, arguments and counter-arguments, and try to show how the new system works as a system. I have tried to keep the best of the current Constitution (e.g. checks and balances, divided government) but with substantial improvements (e.g. foreign policy architecture, citizenship, rotation of offices.) This article is public domain: please feel free to copy it in whole or in part without attribution as you see fit. — tom sulcer november 6, 2011

How to replace an electric switch

A handyman project for do-it-yourself-ers

Electric switches are subject to lots of wear and tear. They’re usually built tough, but when they break, there’s no need to call an electrician since you can replace it yourself if you’re careful. Here’s a guide showing how to replace a defective bathroom switch. It is public domain meaning feel free to copy text, pictures and diagrams as you wish without attribution. — tom sulcer november 19, 2011

The Second Constitution of the United States

A new and improved draft for the 21st century

This proposed replacement aims to keep the best of the current Constitution (e.g. checks and balances, divided government) but with substantial improvements (e.g. foreign policy architecture, citizenship, rotation of offices.) My purpose in proposing an alternative is (1) to demonstrate that an improved Constitution is possible and (2) encourage leading thinkers to collaborate to draft an even better version and (3) to have the best version ratified by the American people. I have tried my best to make it nonpartisan. This document is public domain. Feel free to copy it without attribution. — tom sulcer October 24, 2011

Tom’s Handyman Service of Northern New Jersey

Services offered by Tom Sulcer, based in Summit, New Jersey

I offer a variety of fix-up and repair services, including light carpentry, painting & spackling, porch repair, replacement of defective plumbing and electric fixtures, wall building & repair, kitchens, cabinets, rugs, much more — generally, if you think I can fix it, I probably can. I’ll work within a 45-minute drive of Summit, New Jersey.

How to save on heating expense — a handyman project

A 50-year old two-story home in New Jersey with forced hot air has expensive heating bills in winter

This handyman project explores ways to reduce heating expense for a two-story house, with an attic, with forced hot air. Alternative strategies are outlined. This article is public domain — please feel free to copy text and diagrams without attribution. — tom sulcer November 19, 2011

Symmetry in the eye of the beholder

A hypothesis about why symmetry along the vertical axis works as a yardstick of beauty

The relation between beauty and facial symmetry is well recognized. People judge faces as “beautiful” if they’re symmetrical. But why? How does this work? I offer a brief tentative hypothesis. This article is public domain. Feel free to copy all of the text without attribution (although some pictures may have attribution requirements.) — July 15, 2011 — tom sulcer

Amazing humans: Dr. Karyn Marshall

A brief biography of the champion American woman weightlifter - turned - chiropractor

What’s incredibly cool about Karyn Marshall is three things: first, she’s an athlete who became a chiropractic patient and then became a leading practitioner; second, she was the best student or what academics call valedictorian in her class at New York Chiropractic College; third, she did something truly amazing which landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records, among other places. She became world famous. In 1987, she was a world champion weightlifter! This is a work-in-progress article. Reactions? Write comments below. Like it? Add weblinks pointing to it. I’m trying to make this the best article on the web on this topic. Photos by tom sulcer are public domain (indicated by “pd” beneath picture). — tom sulcer April 2011

History of citizenship in the United States

An essay exploring the relationship of citizenship from the 1700s to the present

This is a brief history not of a people or nation or place but of a relationship — the relation of citizenship — between a person and the state and how it changed from colonial times to the present. In the 1700s, citizenship meant active political participation in local government, showing up at meetings, debating, volunteering in local government. Over time, however, political participation declined to the point where Americans are essentially apolitical beings divorced from politics. Citizenship has narrowed to signify only a legal marker meaning membership in America. How did this change? And what does it mean? While students of history and politics as well as political activists may find this thinking particularly helpful, free people can benefit. This essay examines the transformation, and argues that declining political participation has drawbacks, but that impressive advances for humanity in general have overshadowed the citizenship decline.

Keeping raccoons from re-entering beneath the living room

A handyman project to prevent wily bandits from returning

This article describes a handyman project to keep raccoons from chewing their way from a crawlspace into a cavity beneath the first floor living room. This is a public domain article; feel free to copy pictures and text without attribution. Like it? Add weblinks pointing to it. — tom sulcer May 2011

An American’s perspective on New Zealand

Advice for travelers and New Zealanders

An account based on a five week stay in Maraetai Beach — a semi-rural bayside suburb of New Zealand’s largest city of Auckland — in July 2010 (the “winter” season). Advice for travelers. Thoughts about the land and people and politics and culture and economy and geography. Theories about extreme sports. Note: this article & pictures are public domain; feel free to copy them without attribution. Like it? Add weblinks to it.