Tom’s Handyman Service of Northern New Jersey

Services offered by Tom Sulcer, based in Summit, New Jersey



I offer a variety of fix-up and repair services, including light carpentry, painting & spackling, porch repair, replacement of defective plumbing and electric fixtures, wall building & repair, kitchens, cabinets, rugs, much more — generally, if you think I can fix it, I probably can. I’ll work within a 45-minute drive of Summit, New Jersey.

What I do. Fix stuff. Around houses. Handyman projects. Repair holes in walls. Install molding, rugs, floors, walls, ceilings, tiles, lights. Repair porches. Paint. Upgrade plumbing fixtures. Carpentry. Sheetrock. Sink repairs. Hang cabinets. Refinish floors. Build mailboxes. De-cluttering projects. Locksets. Doors. Fix leaky pipes. Stuff like that.

What I don’t do. I don’t (1) work up high (2) garage door opener systems (3) use chemical paint strippers. My insurer won’t permit me to do these things, sorry. For extensive plumbing or electrical work, I suggest hiring a plumber or electrician, or if it is a big multi-stage project when speed is an issue, consider hiring a home restoration firm.

Where I work.
Houses, not businesses. I offer handyman services for towns in northern New Jersey, within a 45 minute drive of Summit, New Jersey.

Payment. I work on a tip basis only — customers decide how much they wish to pay me for my labor. There are no markups for materials. I ask to be paid at the end of each day. Many clients use $25/hour as a guide for a fair estimate. I accept cash, check. Paying fairly means there’s a good chance that I’ll be available to work on your future projects.

Why do I work on a tip-only basis? A long while back, as a customer, I hired a plumber but was charged $350 for an hour’s work. The problem was solved but the bill was steep. I didn’t like the feeling of not knowing what the bill was going to be, and even less when I found out. Now, as a worker, I’ve found estimating jobs to be difficult — a seemingly-simple job may turn out to require many more steps, particularly if new problems are discovered; or, if I estimate too highly and it turns out to be easy, then it’s not fair to the customer. If I charge by the hour, then I feel pressure to work quickly which can work against safety as well as undermine job quality. Overall, this arrangement is beneficial because it puts the customer in control of the bill. And the customer is spared worrying about the price. And I don’t feel pressured to work fast or guess. And I find the best clients. It works well all around.

Seeing long term. I encourage my clients to think long term. When there’s a problem, it can be solved with an email or phone call, and be handled by me — a handyman you can trust to do the job right, work hard, be fair, take proper precautions, respect your house, solve the problem, and who is honest, thrifty, professional and courteous. And I guarantee my work.

Insurance. I’m fully insured.

When I work. I like to start early in the day, and usually finish by around 3pm or 4pm.

How to reach me. Email is preferred. It’s I check it daily. Repeat customers can call me on my cell phone.

Examples of my work. Here are a few projects I’ve done recently with write-ups and pictures: